When the seasons change, the leaves of xGraptophytum are prone to fall. In addition, excessive watering and fertilization are also the reasons for the leaves to fall.

Avoid falling leaves, be careful not to water too much at ordinary times, and let the plants receive sufficient sunlight. In addition, the leaves can also be used for cuttings after falling, so that the plant can become more than one pot.

1. Reasons for leaf drop

Compared with other succulents, xGraptophytum is the kind that is easy to maintain. It does not need to be laborious in the daily maintenance process, and it is not easy to suffer from pests and diseases. It prefers a relatively dry environment with warm sunlight. And there is no obvious dormancy period. The editor thinks that if there is a problem with such a well-fed meat, it must be a mistake in the usual breeding, which causes the leaves of xGraptophytum to fall. And the most frequent time for problems should be when the seasons change. You know, the most suitable environment for xGraptophytum is dry and warm. Excessive watering is the most taboo in maintenance, especially when the season changes without paying attention to water adjustment, or temperature problems, these are the reasons that may cause xGraptophytum to lose leaves.


2. Solution

When xGraptophytum lose their leaves when there is obviously no pests and diseases, they should correct their watering methods in time. In the subsequent maintenance, it is necessary to supply water reasonably, try to give less water, step by step, and the phenomenon of slowly falling leaves can be alleviated.

In addition, some florists think that giving flowers sufficient fertilizer can aggravate the growth of plants. In fact, this is not comprehensive. If xGraptophytum fertilizes too much, the root system of the plant will be damaged, and it will fall off on the leaves. Therefore, pay attention to the rational use of fertilizers and nutrient reagents.


I dont know if flower lovers know that xGraptophytum can make leaf cuttings. Use these fallen leaves to make cuttings, and it will definitely bring you a surprise! In addition, we should also remind the flower friends who raise xGraptophytum, sometimes for the beauty of the whole plant, you can prune the long side branches of xGraptophytum in time, which will be more beautiful!