Check the plants: After buying the daffodils, check the bulbs for rot and deal with them in time. Handling the bulbs: Remove the dirt from the bulbs, then cut a cross on the bulbs with a knife to ensure that the inner buds can be pulled out early.

Whether to change soil: Before adapting to the new environment, it is not recommended to change soil for daffodils. You can change the soil when it gets used to the environment. Maintenance environment: It is recommended to cultivate in a place with soft astigmatism, and you can spray water in time to moisturize.

1.The inspection of plants

After buying a new daffodil, be sure to carefully check the growth of the plant, whether the leaves are yellow, and whether the plant body is damaged. The most important thing is to check the bulb part of it. If there is any rotten place, it must be removed in time to ensure normal growth in the later stage.

2. Handling seed balls

It is necessary to remove the soil from the newly bought daffodil bulbs, as well as some useless dead roots and scales, and then use a knife to cut a cross on the bulbs to ensure that the inner buds of the bulbs can be pulled out early. Maintenance is ready.

How to grow newly bought daffodils?

3. Whether to change soil

Don't change the soil when you just bought it. Changing the soil will easily damage the daffodils. You can wait until it is fully adapted to the environment before replacing it. You can move it to a loose and fertile soil with good ventilation.

4. Conservation of the environment

First, place the daffodils in a place with soft astigmatism for a period of time, and be careful not to expose them to strong light. Moisturize the plant by spraying it with water to prevent the leaves from drying out.