Oregano is an herb, it is a edible medicinal plant, if you like oregano, you may wish to grow it at home.

Oregano, many people should not be unfamiliar, it is a kind of vanilla plant, it is a very good seasoning material, so many friends are raising it, but the oregano that the nympho wants to share today is not this edible variety, but Oregano has a good ornamental value, whether it is a potted plant or a ground plant, the ornamental oregano is very ornamental.

After the flowers of the daffodils wither, take out the bulbs, cut off the dead flowers and dead leaves, remove the dry roots, sterilize and dry, wrap them in newspapers, and store them in a low-temperature dry environment.

Check the plants: After buying the daffodils, check the bulbs for rot and deal with them in time. Handling the bulbs: Remove the dirt from the bulbs, then cut a cross on the bulbs with a knife to ensure that the inner buds can be pulled out early.

When raising narcissus, the seed bulbs should be treated first, the dry seed coats should be cleaned first, and the stumps and rotten roots should be trimmed, and the wounds should be disinfected and dried before planting.

Narcissus is a perennial herb of Amaryllidaceae and Narcissus. It is also called Chinese Narcissus. It was introduced from Italy in the Tang Dynasty.