There are many plants suitable for indoor cultivation, but there are still many people who do not know how to raise indoor plants better. These 5 points are important factors for keeping indoor plants well.

1. Appropriate light

Plants grown indoors should first pay attention to providing suitable light. Many plants cannot grow without light. Because the indoor light is not too strong, there is no need to worry about direct light burning the plant, so choose the brightest place to place it. For plants with particularly high light requirements, artificial light can be added if the light is not sufficient.

2.The right amount of moisture

For plants cultivated indoors, whether to water or not can be determined according to the dry and wet state of the potting soil. You can use a hygrometer to measure the soil, which is more scientific. When watering, it should be even, and the water temperature should be suitable, which should be similar to the indoor temperature. Considering hygiene issues, place a plate or mat at the bottom of the flower pot to prevent moisture from staining the floor.

3. Appropriate amount of fertilizer

Generally speaking, the newly bought plants do not need to be fertilized within a year, because the substrate contains more nutrients. After that, it can be supplemented in an appropriate amount. The effect of slow-release fertilizer is better, but don’t use too much. Do not fertilize any plant while it is dormant.

4. Appropriate temperature

Under normal circumstances, the indoor temperature is more suitable for plant growth. Unless there are varieties with special requirements for temperature, it is necessary to pay attention to regulation. It should be noted that the room temperature in summer and winter should be properly adjusted so as not to affect the growth of plants.

5. Proper ventilation

When growing plants indoors, ventilation is very important. Especially when it is very hot in summer, ventilation also has the effect of cooling. Even in winter, a little ventilation is required, but try to choose when the weather is warm at noon.