Chlorophytum: It hardly needs any meticulous care to live well. Tiger thorn plum: As long as it is not watered too much during the maintenance process, it can basically be well maintained.

Fugui coconut: As long as it is given enough light, it can grow very well. Rubber tree: Put it in a place without direct sunlight and receive the right amount of scattered light, and it can grow well.

1. Chlorophytum

To talk about a plant that is good to support, Chlorophytum is really a kind of thing that has to be mentioned. The editor also planted one at home, and it can live well without much meticulous care.

Chlorophytum likes a warm and humid growing environment, and does not have high requirements for soil. As long as it is given an appropriate amount of water, it can grow well. It is the best flower for novice flower growers.

2. Tiger thorn plum

Tiger thorn plum likes a sunny growing environment, as long as it is in the process of maintenance, be careful not to water too much and cause water accumulation. Whatever you take care of, there will be no problem. Moreover, the tiger thorn plum does not like fertilizer very much. Except for the appropriate fertilizer during the growth period, no fertilizer is required at other times. Isn't it super easy to feed?

3. Rich Coconut

Fugui coconut is a very good ornamental plant. Raising one at home can not only decorate the home, but also purify the air. It is really a good choice. Fugui coconut is very drought tolerant, as long as it is given enough light, it can grow very well.


4. Rubber tree

Rubber trees are excellent foliage plants. It likes a warm and humid environment. Under normal circumstances, the rubber tree can grow well if it is placed in a location without direct sunlight and receives a moderate amount of scattered light. And its succulent leaves have good water retention, so it does not require frequent watering.


5. Ivy

As a good indoor purification plant, ivy can be said to be the first choice for indoor flower cultivation. As long as you pay attention to keeping the potting soil moist and accept scattered light reasonably during the maintenance process, you can happily enjoy the fresh air that ivy brings indoors!


6. Yushu

Yushu likes a dry and warm growing environment. As long as it is not exposed to strong light and overwatered, it is not difficult to cultivate it.

Some flower friends may be worried about whether there is a poisonous problem. The editor will give you a popular science here. As long as the skin does not come into contact with its sap, Yushu is not harmful to the human body. So, rest assured and boldly raise it!


7. Money Tree

Maybe if I list the money tree, some people will oppose it, because many money trees raised by flower lovers have symptoms of rotten roots. The editor wants to say that in fact, as long as the daily maintenance process pays attention to more ventilation and avoids strong light Irradiation, this situation is completely avoidable. Simply speaking, as long as the pot soil is kept slightly damp and does not cause water accumulation, the money tree is also super easy to maintain!


8. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, the editor thinks that its function does not need to be mentioned by the editor. Everyone can say a lot. It really has a very high value. In addition, aloe vera cultivation is also very simple. In a slightly sunny place, the occasional dry and watered can grow very strong.


9. Cactus

The cactus is produced in arid desert areas and has strong vitality. As long as it is given a reasonable growth temperature, be careful not to accumulate water, and the rest just wait for it to grow on its own, basically without manual maintenance. It's really good!


10. Silver Queen

Silver Queen likes scattered light, pay more attention to ventilation every day, pay enough water during the growing season, and do not accumulate water, and apply thin fertilizer about half a month during the growing season. The silver queen's plant is beautiful in shape, and it is beautiful and convenient to plant a tree!


These 10 kinds of flowers are easy to feed. Let's act quickly and plant these flowers for your home.