To grow ginger on the balcony, you need to choose healthy rhizomes, divide them into N small pieces, ensure that there are 1-2 robust buds on each piece, and disinfect the wound. After that, bury it with sand, water it well, cover it with plastic film, and it will sprout in 8-10 days. Transplant the robust shoots into pots and harvest them when the fall frost season arrives.

planting time

The southern region can be planted from January to April every year, while the cold weather in the northern region can only be planted in May.

Planting method

Seed selection

Ginger is propagated by tubers, so choose healthy rhizomes. The surface is complete and the appearance is beautiful.

deal with

Take a large piece of whole ginger and divide it into N small pieces, the pieces do not need to be too large, and each piece has 1~2 robust buds. If there are no large pieces, you can break them directly with your hands, and smear lime on the incision for disinfection.


Quickly dry the cut ginger for 1-2 days, soak it in Bordeaux liquid for 10 minutes, and then remove it. Bury it with sand, water it well, cover it with plastic film, keep the temperature between 20~30, and it will sprout in 8~10 days.


After emergence, the sprouts are screened, and the robust sprouts are transplanted into flower pots. The growth is slow, and the rest is to wait for it to grow slowly. Pay attention to watering morning and evening before the leaves grow again.

set up

When the stems and leaves grow to 6-7 cm, it is necessary to set up a frame to remove the top, and let the branches and leaves grow up along the frame. Two months later, the tubers in the soil began to expand in the pot. At this time, sufficient light, water and fertilizer should be given to increase the yield.


The harvest period of ginger is generally before the arrival of the frost period in autumn, and the ginger should be reasonably preserved after harvest.