Echinopsis tubiflora is a kind of feng shui plant, and it can play a good role in dispelling evil spirits when placed on the balcony. However, not all places on the balcony can be placed it.

It is best to place it in a sharp corner, or in a place where it is very aggressive. Also, ventilation and light conditions are good. In this way, it can defuse disasters, get rid of bad luck, and play a better role.

Where is the best place to put the Echinopsis tubiflora on the balcony?

1. Feng Shui effect

Echinopsis tubiflora is not only an ornamental plant, but also a feng shui plant. It itself has many sharp thorns, so its function is mainly to resolve the evil spirits in the home, resolve disasters, and bring good luck. However, just like other feng shui plants, its location is very important. The right location makes it work.

2. Can it be placed on the balcony?

Overall, the balcony is the most suitable. It is not only conducive to its function, but also to meet its own needs for growth. Generally do not put it indoors.


3. Where to put it on the balcony

(1) Sharp corner position: Put it here, it is beneficial to remove the surrounding evil spirits and destroy the unfavorable magnetic field around. Thus, it can defuse disasters. Not only that, but it can also use sunlight to bring good luck into the home, so it can bring good luck. However, the number of cacti should not be too many.

(2) The place where the evil spirit is heavy: First of all, you must find out where the evil spirit of your balcony is. Because the Echinopsis tubiflora itself is used to dispel evil spirits, it is more suitable to place them in places with heavy evil spirits. However, don't put it in an unstable place, or it will break easily and puncture others.

(3) Light and ventilation: Although it is a balcony, it also has a dark side. It should be placed in a well-lit place, and ventilation should also be paid attention to.