To grow ginger on the balcony, you need to choose healthy rhizomes, divide them into N small pieces, ensure that there are 1-2 robust buds on each piece, and disinfect the wound. After that, bury it with sand, water it well, cover it with plastic film, and it will sprout in 8-10 days. Transplant the robust shoots into pots and harvest them when the fall frost season arrives.

Echinopsis tubiflora is a kind of feng shui plant, and it can play a good role in dispelling evil spirits when placed on the balcony. However, not all places on the balcony can be placed it.

The balcony is a good place for family flower lovers to display their talents, and at the same time, it can also beautify and decorate the home life. Different types of balconies and different plant materials can form different styles of scenery.